65W Power Amplifier using HEXFET

This is a high quality 65W power amplifier circuit based HEXFET IRF9540 and IRF540. The circuit is quite simple for amplifier with good sound quality. The component parts is easy to find at electronic store around your place. It uses split power supply. Q8, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q13 should be mounted on heatsink for thermic… Read More »

Sound Effects Generator (8 different sound) based IC HT2884

This is the circuit diagram of sound effects generator. All sounds in this circuit are generated by HT2884. The HT2884 is a CMOS LSI chip equipped with tone circuit, noise circuit, and other control logic to generate various sounds to be used in sound effects production. This IC features: single power supply (2.4V ? 3.3V),… Read More »

Lead-Acid Battery Charger

The following scheme diagram is the circuit diagram of Lead-Acid battery charger. This circuit provides an initial voltage of 2.5 V per cell at 25 ? to quickly charge the battery. The charging current decreases as the battery is charging, and when the current drops to 180 mA, the charging circuit reduces the output voltage… Read More »

Insect Repellent

This insect repellent circuit will repel insects such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches from your home or yard effectively. circuit uses a specific frequency to disrupt the insect so the insect will go away from this circuit. This insect repellent circuit can be placed inside or outside the home (for speakers). If you want to… Read More »

LED Color Fade Effect

this is the circuit of led color fade effect. just like the name of the circuit, the light intensity of leds in this circuit will fade from high? intensity to low intensity and then off. here the final result preview:

Sound Activated Light / Lamp

This is the schematic diagram of sound activated light or lamp. The lamp or light will be turned on while a loudy sound catch by the microphone (for example: hand clap) How this sound activated light works: The condenser microphone fitted inside a position to catch the sound and generates AC signals, which pass by… Read More »

5V/10A 50W Offline Switching Power Supply

306cc彩票appthe following diagram is the 50w offline switching power supply circuit design. the circuit powered by a mosfet. buz80a/ixtp4n8 for 220v ac voltage input and ge irf823 for 110v ac input voltage. the output will be 5vdc with electric current up to 10a. the schematic diagram: components list:

Guitar Pre-Amp with JFET 2N5457

306cc彩票appdesigned by don tillman, this guitar pre-amp circuit design is dedicated for people who don”t like op-amps module. this circuit is a discrete jfet pre-amplifier design, use 2n5457 as the main component. it has low noise, low distortion, low feedback, overloads gracefully, is small, etc.